Smoker shelter

Smoker shelters from R&R Solutions leave no one out in the rain and support compliance with non-smoker protection laws.

Smoker shelter

Smoking has long been banned in shared spaces, whether offices, halls, recreational rooms or locker rooms, and in some facilities where there is a risk of fire or explosion, it is also banned on large parts of the company premises. Nonetheless, employers may allow smoking on their premises in the open air or in special rooms, either because they want to accommodate their employees or because a company agreement provides for it.

Shelter Systems

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There´s still place outside

According to official statistics, about 28 percent of the population in Germany still smoke. This is certainly also true of a few employees in your company or in your authority, and they appreciate smoking breaks to relax or to communicate with like-minded people. Perhaps one or two good ideas will arise during the impatiently longed-for puff on the cigarette… Non-smokers are not disturbed in smoking shelters from R&R Solutions and the lighting of tobacco, the use of e-cigarettes and the like is not dangerous there – except for the smokers themselves.

Smoker booths instead of out-of-the-way corners

Wild out-of-the-way corners and improvised barracks for smokers are ugly and don’t really fit in with the image of a company that thinks highly of itself and values its employees. The better way to go is mobile room systems from R&R Solutions, which are designed as shelters or booths from the word go.

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A wide range of options in the area of smoker shelter

Smoking shelter model Paris
Representative smoker's shelter Regensburg in two variants
Spacious smoker shelter Cologne on concrete foundation
Smoker shelter Cologne in corporate design
Modern smoker's shelter Cologne with wooden bench
Bright smoker's shelter Paris with glass roof

Smoker shelters: smoking allowed

Our smoker shelters from R&R Solutions are quickly installed and solidly manufactured from hot-dip galvanised steel. They look tidy at all times and, if desired, show by the smoker symbol on the glass that smoking is allowed here.

A clever way to protect non-smokers


Quickly to the solution

In the factory yard or in front of the office building: our smoking shelters are quickly installed and solidly manufactured of hot-dip galvanised steel.

Something for everyone

Smoking rooms for outdoor use from R&R Solutions are available in numerous models in different variants and sizes.

Environmentally-friendly paint coating

Quality in metal: R&R Solutions smoking shelters feature a high-quality, environmentally-friendly paint finish in at least C4 medium quality and a freely selectable colour scheme.

Built in comfort

Benches made of metal or wood, ashtrays, waste bins and clever lighting systems from R&R Solutions provide a high level of comfort for visitors.

Visually appealing

Printable toughened safety glass or other materials are available for rear and side walls which can be enhanced with smoking zone symbols.

If you need more

Smoking rooms with protected interior and access doors are also realisable.

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