Bicycle parking facililties

Flexible, scalable and roofable bicycle parking facilities from R&R Solutions make cycling and parking much more attractive for employees, customers and visitors.

Bicycle parking facilities

Environmentally conscious and healthy mobility are in vogue. More and more people are therefore using bicycles not only for leisure but also to travel to work, go shopping or for other everyday purposes. Companies, public authorities, retail and transport companies, leisure facilities and all those who are destinations for such bike trips can facilitate them by making bicycle parking easier, safer and more convenient. R&R Solutions is your perfect partner in the process.

Bicycle Parking Systems

When mobility takes a break. Space-saving bicycle racks for industry, commerce and public spaces. Ready for delivery in 24 hours.

Parking bicycles properly

Most bicycles can be easily damaged through incorrect parking. Modern bicycle parking systems from R&R Solutions therefore protect countless bicycles of different types – from city bikes to mountain bikes – from falling over or being twisted. The prerequisite is that the front wheel holders are sufficiently dimensioned proportionate to the tyre size and that the spacing between bicycles is correct. Holding brackets and leaning rests on R&R Solutions parking systems offer further protection and can protect paintwork from scratches and scuffs using plastic elements. Valuable parking space can be saved through staggered arrangement or by adding a second storey to the parking unit.

Protection against theft

Leaning brackets hold bicycles in a stable position. They simultaneously increase theft protection, since bicycle locks can be easily and securely fastened to them. Why make it easier for thieves?

These companies trust in our products

Scalable from small to large

Representative bicycle shelter Köln with leaning brackets

Bike garage BikeBox 1 with gable roof as a bicycle storage system

Illuminated bicycle parking system consisting of shelter system Köln and leaning bars

Bicycle parking system made of bicycle lean-to system GALAXY

Bicycle parking system consisting of lean-to parkers

Bicycle parking facilities

At R&R Solutions, you will always find the right solution – whether it’s a small stand or a large bicycle park, for bike & ride stations at train stations, for outdoor installation or for bicycle parking garages. Likewise roofing in various designs, where the weather protection can be further improved with rear and side walls.

Perfect protection for your bike


For every application

Single parking space or bicycle park: R&R Solutions bicycle parking system quality is always spot on! This is ensured by high-quality materials, meticulous workmanship and a clever design that incorporates years of experience.


Always the right solution

The designs of city bikes, trekking and mountain bikes, racing bikes and cargo bikes differ greatly – R&R Solutions offers you appropriate solutions for every purpose and for every bike.


Comfort and security

R&R Solutions leaning stands and bicycle rests offer great comfort and protection. Bicycles are leant on a robust metal bracket, giving them sufficient stability and connection options for attaching anti-theft devices.


On the safe side

For even more theft protection, some model series have additional steel eyelets or cross tubes to which bicycle locks can be fixed.

Withstand wind and weather for ages

The robust construction of all R&R Solutions bicycle parking systems made of galvanised tubular steel is durable, long-lasting and corrosion resistant.


Saves valuable space

Typical R&R Solutions: on some of our models a space-saving, double-sided arrangement of bicycles is possible.

Our recommendations for bicycle parking facilities

Bicycle locker Bikebox 1

Bicycle locker Bikebox 2/Maxi

Bicycle locker Bikebox 3

Frame rest parker 2500 XBF

Lean and rest system GALAXY

Bicycle rest 9600